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Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for Vulvodynia

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Written by Bryn Zolty, PT

As many as 17% of women may experience pain in the vulva (the area outside of the vagina), also referred to as vulvodynia. There can be many different factors that contribute to vulvodynia, including hormonal changes, inflammatory conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, side effects of medication, traumatic injury, nerve pain, cancer, and more. Vulvodynia can range in severity from sharp pains when performing certain activities to constant, burning pain. Most women with vulvodynia also report pain during sexual intercourse.

With such a wide array of potential causes, most women dealing with vulvodynia will go through several physician visits before correctly identifying the issue and beginning treatment. The right care team and the right methods are important to relieving vulvar pain, and at JAG PT, our pelvic floor specialists are adept at treating sexual health conditions such as this with the utmost compassion and skill.

One method that’s promising for many patients with vulvodynia is transcutaneous electrical
nerve stimulation, or TENS. One study found that twice-weekly 20-minute TENS sessions using
internal vaginal probes or external pelvic electrodes showed significant improvement of vulvar
pain within 10 weeks – you can view the article with these findings here. If you need relief for
vulvodynia, contact JAG PT today to find out how our pelvic floor therapists can help or
schedule an appointment at your nearest location today.