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Post Offer Employment Testing
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Post Offer Employment Testing

POET, also known as Post Offer Employment Testing, is used to ensure that an applicant is physically able to complete the physical demands of the job in which they are applying for.

Post Offer Employment Testing in New Jersey

At JAG-ONE Physical Therapy we offer Post Offer Employment Testing to any client in need. We are part of the exclusive BTE network of providers to help employers reduce the amount of injuries on the job by improving the pre-hire screening process for new employees. Using BTE’s proprietary technology and process, they have developed a POET program specifically for each employer and their job setting. The consistent savings to clients across industries is what makes JAG-ONE Physical Therapy and BTE’s Post Offer Employment Testing system so successful.

Goal of Post Offer Employment Testing

The end goal of every POET is to assure employers that the individual is physically capable of performing every function required by their potential job. Another goal of this testing system is to combat employers making employment decisions based on stereotypes and medical conditions. With POET, it doesn’t matter what age, gender and/or how healthy you appear, but about whether you can physically perform the job or not. Post Offer Employment Testing must be valid, job related and consistent with business necessity for everyone.

Reasons for Post Offer Employment Testing

Post Offer Employment Testing, is performed for a variety of reasons. The first of these reasons is to satisfy compliance with all federal legislation. Next, the goal of any company, especially those including physically demanding jobs, is to hire healthy and productive workers. You also want to make sure that workers are put into jobs that they are capable of not only performing, but also succeeding in. Lastly, and most importantly, you want to prevent or at least reduce all work related injuries.

POET in New Jersey

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy proudly offers POET testing at the following locations:

  • West Orange
  • Woodbridge
  • Chatham

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