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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Blood flow restriction therapy decreases or modifies blood flow to a targeted muscle in order to improve and/or maintain strength at lower intensity levels.

Key Points

  • Used in conjunction with an therapeutic exercise program prescribed by your JAG-ONE Physical
    Therapist, specifically trained in BFR application
  • Strength improvements utilizing BFR have been shown to be comparable to training at much higher intensities, making it an ideal method for those undergoing rehabilitation from injury
  • Improves muscular and cardiovascular endurance for patients/athletes that are sidelined from injury, making the transition back to activity an easier process
  • Effective for recovering muscle strength following surgeries such as ACL Reconstruction, Rotator Cuff and other surgeries that may require a period of immobilization and/or limited weight bearing

Blood flow restriction therapy is available at our Warren, Hackensack, Princeton, Brick, and Westerleigh locations.

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