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Clinical Director

Physical Therapy in Midwood – Avenue T, NY

Ave. T JAG-ONE office is a welcoming and caring center that treats patients with love, respect, and dignity regardless of the circumstances and background. The team is culturally, ethical and responsive. The team provide extraordinary care, as well as empowerment for their patients. With an ethnical and cheerful mannerisms, Jonathan and staff work in sync as they synergize in making the Ave T JAG-ONE office a better place where patients receive the best possible care during their recovery process. This facility ensure that all needs are met in a timely manner with a high level of dignity, urgency and responsible. As a satisfied patient, I’ll will definitely recommend Jonathan and his team. They are truly professionals! -Pearl G.

If you are looking for a high skillset therapist I highly recommend this place. The Clinical Director and staff at this place have a profound knowledge and exceptional skills of every cases that related to therapy treatment and management based on my experience and observations. The staff are proficient, professionals and focus to each and every patient they handle. The front desk are professionals, helpful and accommodating to some patients that needs assistance. I have witnessed their staff on several incidents and with that I can say it is true dedications and it just shows they love what they do. This place is located at a very quiet and nice neighborhood. Easy access to public transportations. JAG-ONE Avenue T have an impressive process, from the time you check-in, exercise, be seen and treated by the Therapist. It shows they really have an efficient staff and excellent service. If you are looking for a PT program and place that will help you meet your goal to get better, I absolutely recommend this place. -Amie L.

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