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Clinical Director

Physical Therapy in Starrett City, NY

I had a very positive experience at JAG-ONE PT Starrett City office. Craig was my PT and he was attentive, knowledgeable, professional and made me feel at ease about my treatment process. When he worked with other clients, his staff carried out my treatment plan and made my treatment a very fun experience. I really enjoyed the music each time I went. As a dancer, their eclectic music taste/choices in the office helped me to connect more with my treatment. The staff have a unique and personal way of connecting with each client and it was refreshing to witness this each visit. I wish more PT offices were run like this!! Although my treatment has come to an end, I would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking physical therapy! – Anita P.

What can I say but no better place to get you pick on your feet feeling good. It starts once you walk in the greeting the hello where have you been vibe and happy to see you. A great home feeling but there going to work you hard and challenge you mentally and physically. To get you back where you want to be. 5 stars the team there knowledgeable caring and fun. I highly recommend the Starret City team at Jag one #powerful! -James B.

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