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Stephanie CherryStephanie Cherry
16:45 11 Jan 23
Very friendly and welcoming team.That said, I received a burn from the heating device in my first session. This injury was visually checked once in the next session and then never looked at or followed up on. The burn became infected and required oral and topical antibiotics.Secondly, manual time with the physical therapist was very short and twice never happened at all despite allotting an hour to each appointment.
Damon RowlandDamon Rowland
21:38 04 Nov 22
I have had a great experience at this downtown Brooklyn (16 Court St) location.Kesha is everything you want in a physical therapist. I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s hyper attentive to the little details. Kesha can always find that one spot that is tight/tender/painful, etc. and she knows how to handle it.Kesha also keeps the bigger picture of your recovery in mind and she’ll keep you on track as you move along that arc of recovery. She’ll make sure your form is on point and will take the time to explain things in an easy to understand manner.I think it is important to note that Kesha will meet you where you’re at and will go with you at a pace and exertion level that is as comfortable (or aggressive and uncomfortable as you want). It has been a long journey, but I’m very thankful for Kesha and the entire downtown Brooklyn Jag One team for helping me step by step get back to where I need to be.
s leos leo
16:22 19 Sep 22
Don't go here if you want proper care. Front desk lady was really unhelpful when I asked how much to expect for a session. After insisting she help me figure out what to expect ton my bill she told me 125 for a session, which I agreed to do biweekly because I can't afford that every week.Ive done PT for my knee before and this place is a joke. there were 8 of us in a small room, no privacy, and each of us was given a timer, like for a kitchen. The dr told us how to do our individual exercise before setting the timer and leaving to the next person. No one watching how you do the rep or if you need adjustment. Once the timer goes off, the dr comes back to you, gives you another exercise and leaves again. Rinse and repeat.I went once, did the reps at home for the next 6 months, I felt so cheated. The bill came in the mail for 600 dollars, I call and have it adjusted, and it comes back for 260 dollars. For one session where no one pays attention to you! this place is a rip off, don't go if you want proper care. Also, screw our healthcare system.
Okhee RyuOkhee Ryu
20:56 22 May 22
I got hurt my right shoulder by over using for years. When I called to make an appointment, Joan helped me very kindly through all the insurance work. Kashi, the best therapist makes my shoulder much better, so I feel almost normal now. Thank Frank, Summer and ladies who make further schedule so quickly.
Stephanie RStephanie R
01:45 10 Feb 22
I travel from Harlem for therapeutic services and they're awesome.Speaking candidly, I entered with excruciating pain and not in the best mood because of it, but after 2 weeks of good counsel and intentional exercise, I feel so much better. It can be stressful fitting another need into an already packed day, but they never hurry you and show the greatest flexibility in scheduling to accommodate when they can.
Kevin BuckKevin Buck
18:38 30 Jan 22
Jesse and the team have been great during my recovery. They are very knowledgeable and professional. They do a great job of monitoring progress and updating your program based on how your recovery is going.
Ioannis PouliosIoannis Poulios
18:41 11 Oct 21
I had raptured my quadricep tendon and after a month of my surgery I went to JagOne physical therapy In Brooklyn. They were great at helping me achieve fantastic progress in my recovery I would recommend them to anyone who needs the best people to help you reach your best results. Thank you Naimi, Kareem, Frank, Kim, and Nikole. There is no better place.
Yvette HarrisYvette Harris
18:17 01 Oct 21
I love the exercise that Tanya gives me.I hope to get more exercises to help me with progress of getting better.
Cynthia WilliamsCynthia Williams
19:06 03 Sep 21
I started Jag One July 16 2021 all mess up. My entire upper left side was non functioning. I chose to make Friday Mornings my go to day and I'm so glad I did. The Friday Morning crew is Awesome. The Team Work , The professionalism and the knowledge for what they do is Excellent. The Team works together like Clock Work NO lagging. Always on Point while being personable by addressing you by your name. It's always a good feeling when you're being address by your name. I am So grateful that I had a Team of professional to take care of me. I'm just about done and I feel so much better The FRIDAY MORNING TEAM is the Bomb Dot Com.. Thank You so much for helping me.
walter herringwalter herring
23:31 17 Aug 21
Courteous helpful staff. Attentive and compliant.Willing to hear my mental concerns then couple and address them along with my physical maladies.
Elizabeth BrownElizabeth Brown
15:50 01 Jul 21
Patricia MorefieldPatricia Morefield
15:18 09 Jun 21
Its a great place just out my way ,didn't have the carfare and co/pay

I just finished about 2.5 months of physical therapy for a hip injury at JAG and I have to say the quality of care was excellent. I mostly worked with Umair and he was remarkably knowledgeable and thoughtful – he spent much more time explaining my specific injury and details than my doctor did. All of the other therapists were friendly and great and it made it nicer to go to my PT sessions because it was clearly a healthy work environment where everyone on the staff is positive. The facility is straightforward with plenty of clean new equipment and everything is in good repair. It’s also located inside the Equinox, which is nice if you want to change or use the showers. The front desk, billing, and dealing with the insurance company were also all seamless. -Andrew K.

Jesse is one of the best physical therapist around. I went to three different PT places before coming here. This was the only place I felt there was a comprehensive treatment plan in place. Great communication! Whole staff is on the same page! Would recommend this location to anyone I know. -Daniel C.

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