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I want to thank all of those beautiful people at JAG-ONE Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, who literally helped me get back on my feet. My therapist, Gleb Kartsev was so knowledgeable and professional and truly instrumental in expediting the healing process. The therapy team was supportive and always extremely helpful. A special shout out to Joe, who always went the extra mile to explain the exercises and insure that I was doing them correctly. -Rozie M.

So far this has been the best of my experience when it comes to physical therapy treatment. I have been trying some other offices in the past. But the only place I was able to find the right treatment and the right assistance is at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy at 2148 Ocean Ave location. Until now I had 3 issues, that I needed the treatment for. This was post wrist fraction, back mussel stretch, and lower back pain. All was treated well. So I’m happy with these professional doctors and their assistances’ help. Great customer service, good time management and great follow ups. Keep up a good work guys! -Ikrom I.

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