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Physical Therapy in Toms River, NJ

JAG PT Toms River West: Ocean County’s Compassionate Local Physical Therapy Provider

Located right on Route 37, JAG PT Toms River West provides Ocean County residents with the best in general and specialized physical therapy treatment. We’re proud to treat people of all ages, from all backgrounds, and with any type of orthopedic health condition using individualized, custom PT plans.

We utilize a variety of physical therapy modalities, but our top treatments include:

Certified Lymphedema Therapy (CLT)

Lymphedema can be caused by conditions as diverse as infection, cancer treatment, and genetic disorders. Left untreated, it can progress to the point of becoming debilitating and put patients at risk of very severe complications. Physical therapy is one of the best, least-invasive means of managing lymphedema, and our CLT specialization uses techniques from manual therapy, compression therapy, and more in order to help reduce swelling and mitigate further lymphatic issues. Learn more about specialty services at JAG PT.


People diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or certain other neurological conditions may find their activities of daily living are impaired by the inability to make large or fast movements with the arms, legs, hands, and feet. JAG PT offers certified LSVT BIG therapy – a method that directly improves movement-related symptoms of neurological illness by training patients to change how they perceive their actions.

Women’s Health Services

From staying active and healthy during pregnancy and the postpartum period to lowering the risk of broken bones due to osteoporosis, women of all ages have specific musculoskeletal health concerns, and our women’s health specialization can address any of them. Our compassionate and skilled PT staff is proud to help women in the Ocean County area maintain their best level of physical health.

Contact us today to learn more about what JAG PT Toms River West has to offer, or book your appointment now.

Brandy RamirezBrandy Ramirez
22:40 27 Oct 23
Felt much better regarding my orthopedic problems.
John WelchJohn Welch
23:50 17 Aug 23
Friendly and very professional.
Lauren ClancyLauren Clancy
13:33 19 Jul 23
The staff here is absolutely fantastic. They’re kind, welcoming, and very supportive. Absolutely recommend. Thanks again for everything Markus!
nicole ficheranicole fichera
15:53 15 Aug 22
I had great progress with jag-one Sam is a great PT and helped me a lot through this process, After breaking my neck and surgery the range of motion was horrible after almost 2 months of PT i have gained great range ! Thanks to Sam and the team
Nila BlancoNila Blanco
15:59 18 Mar 22
Highly recommend Jag-One in Toms River, NJ. I received the best individualized one-on-one physical therapy after my knee surgery. Dr Sam, Laura, Brie, Gabby(staff I have last year) and now Dr David, Gerrilyn are very pleasant, helpful and caring. Special mention to Dr David S. who pushed me hard to get my mobility and strength back. I am very pleased with my excellent progress during my sessions and reach my rehab goals.
Kristen DiGirolamoKristen DiGirolamo
21:06 16 Dec 21
Pleasant, compassionate staff. Highly recommend!
Mobolaji Femi-OkeMobolaji Femi-Oke
12:24 27 Aug 21
Sam, Bree and Gabby make Jag-one Toms River a home for me. I am always excited to go for my therapy no matter how tired. I feel like am home while getting healed. They are very patient and on top of their games.
John MurphyJohn Murphy
15:27 24 Aug 21
Excellent care and staff.

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