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Physical Therapy in Jackson, NJ

JAG Physical Therapy Jackson: Ocean County’s Most Effective PT and OT Source

JAG PT Jackson brings people from all walks of life in the northern Ocean County area skilled and empathetic care at our advanced center, which is located on County Line Road (Route 526) and convenient to both I-195 and US-9. Our staff not only have extensive training in a variety of therapeutic specialties, they also will help you develop a personalized PT treatment plan which works for your unique circumstances – your health and fitness goals, lifestyle, hobbies, and more.

We offer a range of PT modalities, but some of our top specializations include:

McKenzie Method

For those with low back pain that most types of exercise and stretching don’t remediate, the McKenzie method can be a viable PT option. This series of stretches uses spinal extension in order to resolve tension and centralize and ultimately mitigate or eliminate pain. Our McKenzie method-certified physical therapists are experienced at helping people rehabilitate with this technique and proud to offer it as part of our general concentration on back injury rehabilitation. Learn more about our other specialty services.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps people practice new, adaptive ways of doing everyday tasks so that they can accomplish more independently each day. OT is recommended for people of all ages – from children to senior citizens – and who are recovering from an injury or have various chronic conditions. JAG PT Jackson’s occupational therapists make this process as easy and fun as possible, and concentrate on building strength, dexterity, and coordination for the precise things you want and need to do. Learn more about occupational therapy.

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