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Physical Therapy in Jersey City, NJ

So I started coming here post foot surgery (completely tore one of the tendons in my right foot) in October on crutches and with the support of the team there I’m now back to work, working out, and most importantly being a functional human being! The facility is super clean and all the equipment in great working condition. The staff is young but very professional and knowledgeable in what they do. I’ve worked mainly with Mark and Brandon and can’t say one bad thing about them, they’ve also got some PTs that come from other locations and they’ve been wonderful with me too! I really appreciate that the staff pays attention to your form while doing exercises and corrects anything that’s off by even a little bit. Overall, I highly recommend this location for your physical therapy needs. Great energy and good people! -Nicolette P.

The team at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy helped me reduce my pain score from 7 down to 0 – 1 in 4 weeks. I attended 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks, following a schedule of treatments and exercises. After two weeks I was no longer being woken up by my pain, and by the end of the final week I was virtually pain free. I was delighted by the positive attitude of all the staff, they’re knowledgeable, organized, efficient, enthusiastic, smart, kind, caring, attentive and happy in their work. The physical manipulation they do shows real skill and knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and I came away with a better understanding of my condition and how I can manage it at home. I highly recommend JAG-ONE for all your physical therapy needs. -Janet C.

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