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HealthQuarters & JAG-ONE Physical Therapy’s Collaboration

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JAG Physical Therapy’s NoHo location is the first in our multi-disciplinary approach with HealthQuarters. The first of its kind, HealthQuarters brings together great clinicians, wellness practitioners, and brands so you can get the things you need for long-term health all in one place.

HealthQuarters believes “clinical” should be a standard of care, not a way to feel. HealthQuarters raises the bar for care experiences with an environment that's modern, friendly, and thoughtfully designed to help you feel even better. JAG is excited to be part of HealthQuarters as the collaboration allows us to expand our Manhattan footprint, and provide the NoHo community with our gold standard of care.

The following are some of the amazing benefits Jag’s collaboration with HealthQuarters provides to our patients:

Healthcare and Wellness Under One Roof

JAG is one of the many practices found at HealthQuarters. HealthQuarters is a one-stop destination for all the things you want to do for your health and wellbeing. You can visit JAG Physical Therapy, and then visit one of the other many practices within the building. With healthcare and wellness under one roof, it’s easier to stay on top of all the things you should do for your health.

No Membership Necessary

One of the greatest benefits to HealthQuarters is that it has no membership fees—ever. So you get quality care and an amazing experience, with no extra costs. If you are curious about Jag’s accepted insurances, visit the website or call 212-432-5847.

HealthQuarters is keeping you safe during COVID

The safety of our patients is always our number one priority. HealthQuarters was built with COVID-19 safety protocol in mind. All the doors are equipped with toe grips, so guests and staff don't have to touch them with their hands. The bathrooms have touchless sinks, soap dispensers, and hand dryers. Digital screens are cleaned and disinfected after each interaction. In addition to all this, the JAG & HealthQuarters staff are trained on the most up-to-date guidelines regarding cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and conduct regular cleaning rounds throughout the space.

The Clinical Director of the NoHo location is Casey Epstein. Casey earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Miami, with a major in Exercise Physiology and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Medical University of South Carolina. Casey also completed additional, post-doctoral studies with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), where he earned the designation of Medical 2 Certified. Mindful of the time and effort it takes for a patient to regularly receive physical therapy; he strives to make every visit worthwhile and challenging, but equally enjoyable. Casey is proud to be directing this innovative new location and hopes to see you there!

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Looking to improve your health and wellness? Check out HealthQuarters and JAG Physical Therapy's collaboration for cutting-edge care and services. Contact us to learn more and schedule your visit today!