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JAG PT Administration Development Program

by Us3eNumb3rZERO

At JAG our Patient Care Coordinators and Office Managers play a key role in providing our patients with an exceptional and professional experience. Being a part of the Administrative Services Department holds an important role as the “Gate Keeper” to the patient’s care. JAG Administration Development Program allows all administration staff to continue to grow and develop. The program provides the necessary resources and feedback to our staff for ongoing education. We take pride in our administration being a big part to the patient’s recovery and we educate to execute in an empathetic, motivating, and worry-free start. Our administration training begins at hiring and JAG internal education provides all updated and necessary resources for our administration team to access continuously. JAG is committed to the professional development and continuing education of our administrators both young and experienced to enhance new ideas, solidify their knowledge, and increase their expertise in their field. With ongoing professional development assessment, we push you toward growth and promotion in our company.

Administration Pathway

Leadership Team

Internal Opportunities

  • New Hire on-site training and development
  • Access to our Administration Resources Center:
    • Web-Based Mobile EMR system
    • Insurance Manual Guides
    • Phone Training
    • Bi-lingual Patient Paperwork
    • Timecard Training
    • Translation Services

External Opportunities

JAG Physical Therapy is partnered with a local University and College program which allows our staff to get personal and immediate family tuition reimbursement to continue their education and to accelerate our employees’ careers.

Learn more about our Administrative Development Program.