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Steve Barth - Regional Clinical Director - New Springville, New Dorp, Eltingville, Rossville, Tottenville

by Us3eNumb3rZERO

Steve Barth

Steve Barth is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo with a degree in Exercise Science /Athletic Training. He received his Master’s Degree in Physical therapy from SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn. He has 17 years of clinical experience and holds several professional certifications as an Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist and a Corrective Exercise Specialist. He served as head athletic trainer for the Staten Island Vipers, a Division A professional soccer team from 1997-1999. Steve has worked as an Athletic Trainer for several High School football teams in the Staten Island/ Brooklyn area for the last 17 years. He served as the Head Athletic Trainer/ Physical Therapist for the NYPD football team from 2007-2009. Steve is the Director of Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Training in Staten Island. He is also the Director of Athletic training services for the local high school and youth programs on Staten Island. He works in the rehabilitation and strength training of many adolescent athletes, high school and college athletes, and several professional athletes of MLB.As a Physical Therapist, Steve specializes in musclo-skeletal evaluations and assessing functional human movements. He utilizes manual therapy and takes a functional approach to rehabilitation and training, restoring and strengthening movement patterns used in sports and everyday life functions. He understands how the body moves functionally and can detect and correct poor movement patterns that can lead to injury and poor athletic performance. Steve has extensive clinical experience working with many baseball players of all ages and specializes in the rehabilitation of common elbow and shoulder injuries such as Tommy John surgery, rotator cuff strains, labral tears, and tendonitis of the elbow and shoulder. He assesses their functional movement patterns, posture, mobility, stability and strength deficits that can affect the throwing arm and can lead to breakdown and injury.

Steve is Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certified and proficient in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) for detecting painful movement patterns and breaking out the patients ultimate dysfunction causing pain and injury. Once Steve understands the actual cause of injury, he can design an individualized rehab program to correct faulty movement patterns. He uses his manual therapy skills to release muscle trigger points and inhibit muscle over-activity or “tightness” that may be causing pain and dysfunction.

Steve is also a certified yoga instructor and knows that body in balance is the key to health. He has combined his knowledge of physical therapy and sports rehab with his experience in strength and conditioning coach and yoga and has developed the most comprehensive rehabilitation and performance programs around.